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Bud Adams`

It is dark brown and virgin hair.



Long Curly Brown thick Hair

People Call Me Troy Polimalu because my hair looks just like his. Im Bi racial so I have the best of both worlds. I get comments all the time about how beautifu...



18 inches virgin strawberry blonde hair

18 inches virgin strawberry blonde hair for sale. trying to upload some pictures but im haveing some difficulties.



sell my beautiful hair

i finally had the courage to get me hair cut and want to sell it it was tookrn very good care of its a reddish light brown color about 16 in or longer


$$500 or best offer

18 inches, strawberry blonde all natural

No chemicals, no dye nothing not even hairspray. May have straightened it twice a year if that. I have 3 kids so I ate a lot of prenatals in the last 6 year's.n...


$$800.00 or best offer

Very thick, long, blonde untreated

Long, mostly straight, darker blonde hair that has not been treated.



Male Asian Hair

Grown for 2 years and 4 months. No highlights or colour applied. Approx. 18 inches.

buy human hair


Sell my Beautiful Brunette Hair

12" - 18” of medium to dark brunette hair (depends on lighting). Soft and very healthy; straight with some slight waves. I have been Vegan for the past 20+ ye...



Virgin dark brown hair

My hair has never been dyed. Well kept, alway making sure my hair is Shiney and healthy.



rich 25″ auburn hair

Lets sell my hair today...First email offer of $700 gets my hair. Hair Already cut after my prom and ready to ship. Money needed for University, now second fo...

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Coppery Brown Virgin Hair for sale


20″ of Thick Golden Brown Virgin Hair- Cutting Hair Tomorrow!LAST DAY...

PLEASE READ MY ENTIRE POSTING BEFORE CONTACTING ME! I am selling 20" (just over 5" in circumference) of my long, straight, virgin hair.I wash/condition my hair ...

Horseback video available.


55 inches… Silken Locks of Never-ending Hair.

Imagine... a mermaid swimming beneath the sea with nearly five feet of gorgeous hair waving behind. Imagine a very real Lady Godiva with silken hair so long, sh...

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

$6000 OBO

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

50+ inches of natural blond virgin hair. Untreated, no dryers, hairspray, straighteners,dyes, curlers, or anything similar. Hair is generally kept braided or lo...

donate my hair


Virgin Blonde Hair For Sale 30″

Virgin never treated,never blow dried, 30" Blonde Hair For Sale

long hair for sale


SOLD!! Sell My Virgin Brown Hair

I have very long brown hair for sale. I've been growing them since I was one and now I'm 16. I don't have split ends and I don't blow dry them. They are very st...

blond hair for sale

$$800 OBO

24 Inches Long, 4 Inches Around – VIRGIN GOLD for sale!!!

SOLD! So, here's a few tips for other sellers... I sold 22 inches for $500 to Precious Keepsake preciouskeepsake[at] gmail.com, a custom doll-making company in...

Virgin Hair For Sale


Virgin Hair For Sale

i m indian girl.my hair is so long strong. I want to sell my hair.Gorgeous virgin dark black hair. No smoking, rarely blow dried, never straightened. I get ...

10 yrs old girl sells her beautiful hair


10 yrs old girl sells her beautiful hair

My 10 years old daughter decided to cut 30 inches of her 35' beautiful virgin medium brown hair. it is very healthy after 5 yrs growing, trimming every 6 months...

Selling Luxurious Chestnut Hair with Red Tones

$$2000 or B/O

Selling Luxurious Chestnut Hair with Red Tones

32"+ chestnut european hair for sale with red and gold natural tones, no chemical treatments, biodegradable shampoo and conditioner 3-4 times a week, alcohol/sm...



I Am Selling My Beautiful, Unique Red Hair

I am selling my hair in a pony tail that ranges from 19-22 inches in length. It is 3.5 inches thick at the base of my ponytail. I do not smoke and am not around...

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hair do


12-13″ Wavy, Shimmery, Child’s Hair For Sale. Very thick

Gorgeous silky blonde child’s hair for sale. Multi-faceted; mostly light blonde with bits of medium blonde and brown. Virgin hair. Never heat treated or colored...

selling hair

$500 $

I want to sell hair online : Black healthy hair never been treated

I have cut my hair yesterday because I wanted some change. Hair is dark brown to black, never been painted, healthy and very strong. I dont smoke. I will try to...

hair for wig makers

$please make an offer

My 8 yr old daughter’s dark brown wavy virgin hair

I just cut my 8-year old daughter's hair. Never been straightened or blow dried, never treated with any dyes or any chemicals, very thick hair from hispanic ori...

where can i sell my hair for money

$$550 OBO

15″ blond ponytail for sale

My hair is 35" total, and I'm willing to part with 15". Super soft and silky, very healthy. completely virgin hair for sale, never dyed and I don't even own a b...

Natural Blonde Hair For Sale

$$350 OBO

16+ Inches Natural Blonde Hair – Last Chance!!

Over 16" of golden blonde hair with natural highlights for sale. Yes, this is my natural hair color. Depending on the lighting it will shift between light golde...

jenns hair for sell


16″ fine virgin Auburn hair to sell

I'm selling 14-16" of straight, virgin, reddish-brown hair. It is technically brown but has reddish highlights. Never been chemically treated or dyed. Rarely u...

selling this great thick human hair ponytail just cut

$best offer

thick hair for sale

i m selling this great thick ponytail just cut last week , i have after shots and even a video of the hair being cut for whoever buys it . i will take the best ...

My hair for sale is red with natural blonde highlights

$850.00 OBO

13 inches of Beautiful Virgin, Healthy Red Hair with Natural Blonde Highlig...

I am a non-smoker. My hair is red with natural blonde highlights (the color you can't get in a bottle). I wash my hair every other day and blow dry it straight ...

light brown long hair for sale

$$300 OBO

SOLD !!! 18″ Virgin Blonde/Brown Hair For Sale

18" Virgin Blond/Brown Hair For Sale. Just over 4 ounces. Cut when I was 16 (needed to lose the head weight). Never permed or altered, was never layered, just g...

Virgin Orange/Red Wavy/Straight Hair for sale 1


I’am selling hair : 21 inches of Gorgeous Virgin Orange/Red Wavy/Stra...

I am selling 21 inches of my virgin, natural red hair. When put in a ponytail, the longest strands of my hair reach 21 inches, and I do not have any layers, so ...

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